Van Hendrix K-9 is a professional training facility dedicated to the training of canines for families, corporations and government entities.

The successful training of dogs is accomplished through love, dedication and trust. Dogs are honest and don’t know and don’t understand the idea of  “not loving unconditionally.” They give us an honest and perfect world. There is no bad breed. Bad dogs are created through negative human interventions. 

Hagen trained his first dog, a mutt, at the age of 6. Hagen’s ability and keen understanding of dogs was further strengthened in 1992, through the rescue of a nine-month-old German Shepherd, Alexander, from a shelter in Virginia.

A few years later Hagen started the breeding of German Shepherds and German Rottweilers, and shortly thereafter, he established the Dog Neuropsychology Center. The center is dedicated to the training and mental and physical rehabilitation of our four legged companions.

Hagen is a certified behavior modification coach and dog trainer (CPDT-KA & DGHV),  currently working toward a doctorate in animal psychology – dog aggression/behavior modification.