We offer a wide range of training techniques that will meet the needs for you and your canine.

Puppy Training

Responsible breeders start with some basic training by the time the puppy is 3 weeks old.  At that age it is only about a second of "sit", but it makes a world of difference.

Adult Dog Training

They say: "you can't teach an old dog new tricks."  Well, they are wrong.  No matter the age, all dogs are willing to learn.  Be patient and you will be happily surprised.

Agility Course Training

A very fast paced environment for your dog, so, not for the faint of heart.  It requires great skill, strength and mental focus.  Dogs need to be old enough to learn this sport, due to the "hard" impact on the dogs joints.

Protection Training

We offer different customized levels of protection to ensure all needs are satisfied.  We service train for Personal, Corporate and Government.  We sell fully trained dogs, or train incoming dogs.  We will have to evaluate incoming dogs prior to protection training programs.

Track Training

The perfect training for the "sniffer".  Dogs that enjoy searching for things and constantly smell anything and everything are usually perfect for a job in this field.

Socialization Therapy and Group play time

Many owners don't understand the importance of providing their dogs with "pack" play time.  Our canines need to socialize with other dogs as we humans need to be around other humans.  Socialization in a safe environment is key to a balanced and mentally stable dog.

Behavior Modification

Some dogs don't get trained; some get away with doing what they want; others don't get the "security" they require....all of these will require behavior modification.

Aggression Rehabilitation

Animal aggression or human aggression, either needs to be corrected before things get even further out of control.  Don't try to find excuses, your dog is begging for him.

Private and Group Classes

Either one on one or group sessions, we accommodate your needs.  Please note, aggression cases can not take part in group settings.

Support dog training

Some dogs are made to become "support" dogs.  We are here to train your dog so that he can wear a support dog vest.

PTSD dog training

Although PTSD dogs are not recognized "service dogs" they are vital in the help to battle PTSD in humans.